The Pattern: Machine Learning Natural Language Processing meets VR/AR


Open-source project The Pattern is the platform to inspire collaboration for building modern natural language processing tools and techniques and making them practically useful for end-users. In this session, I will walk through creating 3 Machine Learning NLP pipelines and deploying them using Redis and Redis Modules: RedisGears, RedisGraph and RedisAI. The first pipeline demonstrates how to use traditional NLP techniques, such as the Aho-Corasic algorithm to build a knowledge graph from medical literature using a medical thesaurus (UMLS). The second pipeline demonstrates how to build and deploy BERT Question/Answering model and create API for text to speech interface. Leveraging Redis Cluster sharding and capturing Redis Gears keymiss event to trigger processing of BERT QA in RedisAI. The third pipeline demonstrates how to deploy Google’s T5 (text to text transfer transformers) to build summary of each article.

Jul 27, 2021 1:00 PM — Jul 30, 2021 3:00 PM
Dr Alexander Mikhalev
Dr Alexander Mikhalev
AI/ML Architect

I am highly experienced technology leader and researcher with expertise in Natural Language Processing, distributed systems including distrbuted sensors and data.